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Underclass Underdogz LLC is a asset based recycling company that services the Southern Nevada region. We value Eco-friendly and economical practices such as reusing materials to reduce waste. We are a recycler and supplier of multiple shipping supplies that are the life blood of our global supply chain. These shipping supplies include pallets, wooden wire spools, 55 gallon drums, intermediate bulk containers, dunnage, crates, cardboard, and more. We thoroughly sort, inspect, grade, and repair shipping supplies to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality materials. We save our customers money due to our shipping supplies being used.

Founded in 2018 by David Jay, Underclass Underdogz LLC is a company that has grown & sustained by staying true to it’s roots of integrity, hard work, and community. Our company name represents where we come from and who we are. Raised in South Los Angeles and other inner city areas, David Jay had to make due with limited resources and opportunities. He always had to find a way out of no way. For example, if an appliance in the home broke down as a teen, he would research how the machine worked and repair it. While many people may just throw something out and get something new as soon as it acts up, David learned how to tinker with and repair things. This increased his mechanical aptitude, patience, and ability to save himself and his household money on costly repairs. These skills and values were learned living in the Underclass and have transferred over into the company. David Jay wears many hats. He does many things on his own to increase his abilities and cut costs. He does the preventative maintenance on the trucks, repairs electrical sensors, builds his own websites, builds his own marketing campaigns, and much much more. We work to recycle & repair material many others may simply discard. This allows us to save material that is still use able and pass cost savings on to our customers.

The Definition of Underdog is; “A person or group of people with less power, money, etc. than the rest of society.” Or; “a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest. Both of these definitions fit us perfectly. Coming from the Underclass, you obviously have less opportunities and resources to rely on. You must rely on your grit, ingenuity, and wisdom gained from paying attention to other peoples life decisions. In a personal sense, David Jay was always been considered the underdog and the odd one out due to his peculiar nature and old soul. This peculiarity was magnified because he was always interested in things that the majority wasn’t, doing things that the majority wasn’t, and striving towards things that the majority wasn’t. These things developed David’s character and challenged him to rise above his circumstances, to which he did.

Underclass Underdogz mission is to reach out to at-risk youth and marginalized people trying to find their way in life. David Jay has taught countless people how to get entry level positions in the oil industry and the trucking industry. He has walked people through the process of getting a CDL class A license, Class A endorsements, TWIC card, and OSCA certifications. Our mission is to leave the world better off than it was when we entered it.

We Are The Underclass!

We Are The Underdogz!