Pallet Recycling Services

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Our pallet recycling services are the perfect solution for your commercial, industrial, or residential needs. We will pull up and pick up and/or deliver pallets with quality service. Learn more about what we do below!

What We Do

UU Pallet Supply Co. provides premier recycling services. We will pickup any size pallet, big or small, heavy or light. We are experienced in loading, securing, and unloading pallets safely so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Condition may affect the ability to safely secure the pallets for transportation. For example, if the pallets you need removed are weather worn, falling apart and rotting then special handling will need to be applied. While if the pallets are solid, they can be hauled like anything else. Our services are great for warehouses, distribution centers, factories, construction sites, oil refineries, apartment complexes, residences, and more. Our truck can transport about 308 48×40 pallets stacked pallets high in a single trip. This hauling capacity saves the us and the customer precious time.

We love detailed explanations of what your situation entails, the more details, the better prepared we will be. That’s why we encourage you to be as detailed and honest on the quote form, phone, email, or text message communication. We can pickup pallets on a one time or recurring basis. A recurring basis can be multiple times per week, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or some other agreed upon arrangement. When requesting service whether you need to buy pallets or have them recycled, it is important to know the correct terminology and be as specific as possible when describing the pallet styles and sizes. Here are a some style, common size, and part reference images that may help.

Important Considerations

Our top goals are to save you time and money. Pallets are the backbone of our supply chain, virtually every industry needs them to ship and receive their freight. We save you time by being your pallet recycling solution, which allows you to put more time into the primary tasks of your company. We also aim to save time for non commercial customers, as our pallet solutions allow you to focus on what matters most around your property. In order to to save you as much money as possible, consider some of the following things:

  • Jobs where the customer loads the pallets by hand, forklift, or pallet jack are typically cheaper.
  • Jobs where we have to load the pallets ourselves are typically more expensive.
  • Jobs that have pallets that are mostly recyclable, meaning repairable and not junk pallets are typically cheaper.

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