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Our shipping supplies go beyond pallets. We recycle and supply many items such as IBC Totes, Wooden Wire Spools, Crates, and more. We are experienced in handling these shipping supplies safely and we can pick them up on a one time or recurring basis. Learn more about what we do below.

What We Do

UU Pallet Supply Co. will pick up and recycle whatever shipping supplies your company uses or whatever supplies are at your residence. Whether it’s wooden spools, intermediate bulk containers, dunnage, cardboard bales gaylord boxes, 55 gallon drums, or crates we will take care of it. This service is perfect for electric supply distributors, liquidators, OTR flatbed truckers, and plants and warehouses that store liquids in IBC totes and 55 gallon drums. Reduce waste and regain your space with UU Pallet Supply.

Important Considerations

  • Supplies that aren’t loaded by the customer are typically more expensive.
  • 55 gallon drums and IBC totes must be empty and free of contaminants prior to being loaded.

Intermediate Bulk Containers

55 Gallon Drums

Wooden Spools

Cardboard Bales/Gaylord Boxes

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